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Sportscaster and Her Son

From youth sports to summer camps, club teams and more predators lurk and groom young athletes. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced Larry Nasser to 120 years in prison for abusing 150 gymnasts. The honorable judge joins the Podcast along with Dr. Amy Saltzman a former Stanford gymnast and victim/ sur-thrivor who created a program called Spot a Spider to protect athletes from abuse.


A Little Bit Culty

Fact: Studies suggest that one in four females and one in six males are sexually abused before the age of eight. What the actual fuck? So there must be tons of material out there educating children on what abuse looks like, and what they should do if they are abused, right? Wrong—such resources have been virtually non-existent thus far. Today’s guest and actual angel on Earth (but not in a culty way), Dr. Amy Saltzman, is working on changing that with her Spot a Spider series, designed specifically for children and teenagers to help identify when abuse is actually taking place—something that’s far less obvious than one might think.


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The Web

An eye-opening reveal of what happens when the line between self-help and cult-like spiritual abuse is crossed. In the documentary, Dr. Amy and other former clients share their experiences of undue influence, covert emotional abuse, coercive control, with their former life coach, Georgina Lindsey, now apparently Georgina (Lindsey) Frances, or Georgina Frances. Interviews are ongoing, as more victims come forward.


The Weekend with Ed Kalegi  

Dr. Amy explains what inspired her to create Spot a Spider and the steps everyone from parents to the International Olympic Committee can take, to protect athletes (and others) from abuse. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina shares why she believes educational programs like Spot a Spider are so important.


First Star: Let’s Chat

The official podcast of the World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy.

Dr. Amy speaks with James Gardiner about how athletes, parents, coaches, athletic trainers and therapists can protect athletes from abuse. They discuss the unique role support staff have in protecting athletes, and the systemic changes needed to ensure athletes can train and compete in safe and healthy environments.


Perform Happy

Coach Rebecca and Dr. Amy Saltzman tackle the tough topic of abuse of athletes in sports. While they cover some tough topics Dr. Saltzman offers some hope for a sad situation. Learn how to spot patterns that can be covert abuse and how to handle those situations.


Changing the Game Project

Dr. Amy and Jen Fraser (Spot a Spider advisory board member and author of The Bullied Brain) speak with Changing the Game Project about protecting athletes from both sneaky (covert) emotional abuse, and obvious (overt) emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and helping those who have been abused heal.  


The Youth Fitness Podcast

Dr. Amy Saltzman, “Spot a Spider” and teaching youth to recognize abuse.

Jeff and Mikki Martin speak with Dr. Amy Saltzman and discuss her system for teaching youth to recognize potential predators and abusers, the obvious ones and the sneaky ones. Recent highly publicized events only reinforce the need to make sure youth are protected from abuse in athletic and competitive environments.


Ending Child Abuse in Youth Sports

In this episode of the Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam podcast, Dr. Amy Saltzman shares tips on how to spot and stop our own children from being abused and what we can do to create a safety net of prevention, healing, and protection to end the epidemic of emotional, physical and sexual abuse in sports and other settings.


Parents Navigating the Teen Years

Dr. Amy has made it her mission to protect athletes from abuse. Her program, “Spot a Spider”, helps children, teens, and young adults to spot an abuser but also shows them how to protect themselves. In this episode, Dr. Amy shares some of the ‘innocent’ signs an abusers uses to groom their young victims.


Moms of Tweens & Teens

In this episode we discuss how to recognize the subtle threads a spider weaves to trap victims in their web, how perpetrators use our fear and desire to control victims, the signs of a coach or teacher or someone of authority grooming your child, and so much more….


Art of Parenting

In this episode Dr. Amy and I discuss how you can teach your children to spot and stop sneaky and obvious spiders, aka abusive sports coaches, school teachers, community activity leaders….


Who Can Become a Life Coach? Anyone. That Might Be the Problem

It has become one of the fastest-growing industries, especially during the pandemic. But questions about regulation and training abound.

Dr. Amy shares her experience of undue influence, covert emotional abuse, coercive control, during her decades with her former life coach, Georgina Lindsey, now apparently Georgina (Lindsey) Frances, or Georgina Frances.


Santa Barbara Holistic Physician Joins National Task Force to Prevent Abuse in Women’s Soccer

Dr. Amy Saltzman’s Spot a Spider program teaches young athletes — and others — to detect covert emotional abuse


Local Doctor Selected For U.S Soccer New Safety Taskforce

Dr. Amy Saltzman, a Santa Barbara resident, created an international training program “Spot a Spider” that teaches children, teens, and young adults how to protect themselves from all types of abuse.


The Art of Parenting

How to spot a sneaky spider? As this episode unraveled it became quite emotional for me, as it might for you. I was triggered by some of the things my guest shared, realizing that I had been a victim of covert emotional abuse. Dr. Amy took a moment at the end of our conversation to help me and all those listening to be mindful and loving towards ourselves. Please take good care of yourself and as Dr. Amy shared, have loving curiosity as to why some of these conversations may trigger you.


Parenting Impossible

Sensitive Topic Warning: Host Annette Hines discusses child abuse and child sexual abuse in this episode. Her two guests, Dr. Amy Saltzman, founder and director of Spot a Spider, a program to prevent abuse, and 30th Circuit Court Judge Honorable Rosemarie Aquilina who oversaw the trial of U.S. gymnastics doctor and convicted abuser, Larry Nassar bring to light the behaviors of abusers and the importance of providing kids and community members the language to report abuse. Abuse is when someone you trust uses their power to hurt you. Preventing abuse starts with empowering ourselves to speak out when something is wrong, and believing and affirming our kids or others when they tell us.

Dr. Amy Saltzman

I created this website and these videos to:

Sneaky emotional abuse (also known as grooming), and obvious emotional, physical and sexual abuse – of athletes (and students, musicians, actors, chess players….)

As well as for select nonprofits devoted to promoting holistic, positive, athlete-centered coaching, and to preventing abuse.

Inspire the creation of truly comprehensive policies and procedures to prevent abuse in sport and society.

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