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How to Spot a Sneaky Spider

This video is the first video in a two-part series created to protect children, teens, and young adults from abuse. This video helps viewers spot sneaky (covert) emotional abuse (also known as grooming). Research indicates that sneaky emotional abuse is as harmful or more harmful than obvious abuse. The second video “How to Spot an Obvious Spider” teaches viewers how to spot obvious emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. While these video focus on spider coaches who abuse athletes, the lessons apply to all spiders—school teachers, music teachers, theater directors, religious leaders, spiritual advisors, activity leaders, tutors, friends, teammates, and even relatives. Children, teens, and young adults who watch both videos will be empowered to protect themselves from all types of abuse in any setting.
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How to Spot an Obvious Spider

This video is the second video in a two-part series. If you haven’t watched “How to Spot a Sneaky Spider” please watch it before you watch this video. This video teaches children, teens, and young adults to recognize the behaviors involved in obvious (overt) emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Please note: I use physically (anatomically) correct terms for sexual body parts, because research shows that children, teenagers, young adults, who know and use correct terminology are much less likely to be abused. The images in the video are G rated, showing “bathing suit” anatomy.

Dr. Amy Saltzman

I created this website and these videos to:

Sneaky emotional abuse (also known as grooming), and obvious emotional, physical and sexual abuse – of athletes (and students, musicians, actors, chess players….)

As well as for select nonprofits devoted to promoting holistic, positive, athlete-centered coaching, and to preventing abuse.

Inspire the creation of truly comprehensive policies and procedures to prevent abuse in sport and society.

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