Children, Teens & Young Adults

You have the power to protect yourself from abuse.

Abuse is when someone, usually someone you trust, uses their power to hurt you.

I made these videos so that you can learn about and protect yourself from abuse.

In “How to Spot a Sneaky Spider,” I use the idea of a sneaky spider weaving a web to trap you and hurt you– hurt your feelings, hurt your mind and your heart. This idea will help you understand sneaky emotional abuse, which is also known as grooming.

In “How to Spot an Obvious Spider,” I again use the spider metaphor, but focus on obvious emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

In both videos I focus on spider coaches. Unfortunately, there are also spider school teachers, music teachers, religious leaders, activity leaders, tutors, doctors, friends, and sometimes even relatives.

If you can learn to spot sneaky and obvious spiders, you can protect yourself and your friends from abuse.


please watch these videos with an adult you trust and feel safe with, and pause the videos whenever you want.

Teens & Young Adults

please watch these videos even if you think they are simple. Watching them will help you protect yourself (and others) from abuse and the serious mental and emotional consequences of abuse.

Dr. Amy Saltzman

I created this website and these videos to:

Sneaky emotional abuse (also known as grooming), and obvious emotional, physical and sexual abuse – of athletes (and students, musicians, actors, chess players….)

As well as for select nonprofits devoted to promoting holistic, positive, athlete-centered coaching, and to preventing abuse.

Inspire the creation of truly comprehensive policies and procedures to prevent abuse in sport and society.

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